Location/place: ERNAKULAM

Name of company/service: MARUTI SUSUKI

I had purchased Maruti Dzire LDI on Jan 17th 2011 from Indus Motors, Thevara (Kerala, cochin), Vehicle Registration Number :KL-07-BQ-3065 .it is delivered with front right side door trim manufacturing defect. At the time of delivery I told them about this and they told it will be rectified on next day or first service. I have contacted Indus Motors Vyttila Service Centre and they do some screw tight and after 2weeks it had again got loose and then again contacted them and at that time they told it is a manufacturing problem and they can’t solve it because it is not a service issue. the mistake i had done was taken a defective car from indus. Now I am keeping a screw driver in the car and tightening it in every alternative days before beginning the ride. This had become more difficult task for me. I had purchased maruti in belief of high quality of the product and trust in manufacturer. The purchase and service was not all that I had excepted . To my horror and utmost displeasure, I understood and heard from customer care manager Indus motors that the vehicle is sold with a manufacturing defect and complaint .Please do the needful to rectify the complaint permanently.

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