manufacturing defect

Location/place: agra

Name of company/service: godrej

Sir I purchased a refrigator about 5 years back of godrej company for the first year its cooling was good but from the very next year it started giving problem in cooling and since then every year in summers I have to get it gas refilled from there srvice centre and every time they give me the reason that gas chocked but since this problem is arising every year without any gap it seems to me it is a manufacturing defect an this refrigerator I have purchased earlier during last years when I told the technician who came to my house for looking about the problem in cooling that it seems that it is a manufacturing defect they told me its not as my refrigerator was under warranty during those years moreover when I called at their customer care then instead of hearing my problem and properly registering it they simply tell me ” sir our technician will visit to your house and you will have to giv rs.250 to him as service charge ” it seems to me that these guys are sitting there simly to loot the customers via selling there faulty produts and not giving proper after sales service to their customers I demand you to take extremely strict action as this problem is giving me mental tension and anxiety and if this problem pertains and this faulty refrigerator of mine is not replaced I shall be forced to move to the consumer court

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