Manucaturing defect with Samsung A.C.

Location/place: Kolkata/Ariadaha

Name of company/service: Samsung

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to say that I purchased an Samsung AirConditioner on May 9,2009 from Great Eastern dealer –Sinthee More Kolkata.After installation the A.C. worked for only 7-8 days after which the cooling effect was gone, I made a complaint to the dealer they send some guys from Samsung and then the put in some gases as the gas got leaked , and went away , again the same problem,this time they took off the whole unit and said they have rectified the leakage.After that we were not staying in the flat for some time, when we came back we found the a.c. was not working cooling effect gone.Now we called the local repairers who also took the unit off and said they have done whatever they could took Rs 5000/-
for service , Gas filled in ectc etc, now again the same problem 7 days gone cooling effect gone, again they were called and they changed the pipe , charged us Rs 4000 , after which the same problem existed , now the local people are saying that there is a minor leakage that cannot be detedted, so called Samsung people again and they took off the outside unit and said that they found the leak but charging us 5000/-, why should we pay now when the problem is from the beginning, we asked them to replce the unit (within urantee period)but they did not do that, we are seeing the problem is right from the inception , still they are demanding money from us.

From Soma Nandan(Das)

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