making fool to the customer as per their plan

Location/place: pune

Name of company/service: idea cellular ltd

i am using idea internet through idea doongle from last 5 months.2 months, i get the best service from idea side
and i am able to use my plan getting better speed but after 2 months idea speed get down to 128 kbps. later on, it doesn’t happens so.whatever speed
i am getting now that is 128 kbps no one can use idea unlimited plan of rs 750 or whatever in this speed the pages of all website opens so late that
anyone after irritated close the internet as with this speed no one can take the benefit of a unlimited plan.Only 4GB OR till 6GB the person can use.
SO,this is the wastage of money in idea a/c as idea making fool to the postpaid customers.I want to close my a/c as many complaints i had given the
solution is nothing.technical team says you get the same speed whatever you are getting.The same speed i am using and this is the pathetic speed i
ever get, i will not pay my 23rd june to 23rd july bill not even further because i am
not able to use my plan according to the plan charges that is rs 750.before in the month of april and may the whole month i am getting good speed of
uploading and downloading never get any problem and used the service till 20 GB according to my unlimited, if anyone in idea care can give me the answer why
it is happens so, that in starting i am getting better speed and now,the speed is pathetic of 128kbps and low.Where is 3G, in idea service as compare to
idea, tata photon providing good speed.

Aman kumar

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  1. 9 years ago

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