Make in My Car Planned Fault so that none can detect it and than he will return to me and i will charge abnormally for that.

Location/place: Bareilly

Name of company/service: Hyundai service center ,C.B Ganj road Bareilly

Before one month back my
car having the starting problem and not get start than i
send it to agency. After 20 days they told me that due to short of battery your car ECM
,starting Coil are failed .

Than i ask lum sum amount of same fail part he told me ECM = Rs 45000
and rest of all will be 10000. Suddenly Rs 55000 amount is so big for me than i decide to
change all fail part except ECM due to it high cost and told to Mr Sanjeev that sir i will
arrange my ECM ownself kindly make my bill he do the same and make my bill with 2000 Rs only
for wiring checking. i accept the all and with own arrangement i had shift my car from agency
to my home.i am working in delhi with larsen and toubro limited Than i start searching ECM For
my HYundai Accent 2008 Model petrol variant after long searching i got one used ECM than i
come in bareilly and fix that ECM in my car but car get no started . than i again return to
delhi and tell to vendor that it not working in my car than he give me the another peice of
ECM and check it in front of me by using of another ACCent gle car ,car get start than i
again come come to bareilly with that ECM and fix it in my car but agaiin my car get not start
than i feel much fraudster because i am working with L& T and L&T job timing is 8.30 to 8
.30 and it very difficult to draw the time for going to bareilly again and again.

than i request to mechanic that search the exact fault. and continue 4hr work on my car he
get one Sensor wire and ECM Coupler wire was cut and Beautifully tapped by someone and hidden
in back of all wire.

Mechanic get surprised and ask me before this where you gone . i clearly said that hyundai
agency he told me that it is not by chance fault it planned fault and due to this your car not
get start than he joint the wire in front of me and fix the ECM in Coupler and same time my
Car get start.

This is my Personal Experience i waste lot of time nd as well as money my mistake was only
that i refuse to Mr Sanjeev that i am not able to spend 45000 Rs at this time and i suffer lot
for giving me the planned fault Under care of MR Sanjeev if in my Attached car bill you
charged 2000 Rs
only for
wire checking than how its possible to left this type of wiring fault in my car ?? and why you
charge Rs 2000 for only wire checking ??

Now i finish my words with bad Experience with Mr Sanjeev and Hyundai.

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