maid service provider

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: lilam enterprises

This company , lilam enterprises, claims to supply maids, cooks for the people. they take Rs 6000 as registration for one whole year. they claim to supply replacements for the same time.
I have an 84 year old grandmother whose bedridden.
This company sends people who are partially blind, women who cant walk nproperly, who will not be able to do the work properly.
I got to know from the people whom they have send that they get them on false promises from far away places.
They take a lot of time to find replacements.. sometimes as long as a week. they not only harass their customers but also the people who want a job. We ve not only wasted money on this company but also in sending the people whom they ve sent to send them back to their own houses safely. They now refuse to refund the money, even after having promised to do so

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