Lufthansa Airlines

Location/place: Allahabad

Name of company/service: Lufthansa airlines

Over stressed, 24 hours delay, my ruined connection reservation from delhi onwards

I am really sorry to inform you that i was suppose to travel from Lyon France to delhi and immediately then i had some important work to do as i am student.but my flight was delayed for two hours resulting that i missed my connection flight from Munich. Then i was suppose to wait and move on the next day due to which i reached Delhi after nearly 24 hours.I asked the Lufthansa that i need to call and be connected to my family and professors but unfortunately i was not able to make it out as they did not helped me. the whole night i was over stressed then when i came back i saw my luggage in a torn condition.i have reported for both but nothing has happened yet.My all schedule and bookings were lost from delhi for which Lufthansa is responsible but they are not at all accepting this.kindly help me out for the respective compensation.

LH 2251 Lufthansa Lyon Munich July 1, 2012 17:25 Hrs July 1, 2012 18:45 Hrs 3DSJ9G 724-9094872856
LH 762 Lufthansa Munich New Delhi July 1, 2012 20:00 Hrs July 2, 2012 06:45 Hrs 3DSJ9G 724-9094872856

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