Low CIBIL score due to unheard company called Phoenix ARC Private Limited

Recently I checked my CIBIL score and was shocked to find low score due to
negative remark from Credit Card Company called Company Phoenix ARC Private Limited. I found there is a credit card from Phoenix ARC Private Limited account number: R1CP275163. Never ever have I heard or used your services or had any other financial relationship with this company, but it is showing outstanding of Rs.2,287/-.

I need to know what is this company and what services have I used.
Also, no one has ever contacted me for any debt recovery still I see this balance on my account and affecting my CIBIL Score.

My humble request is that please help me to have proper justice so that they remove this Credit Card account in my account and revert back the CIBIL score accordingly

Your immediate intervention in this matter is solicited.

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  1. 3 years ago

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