Location/place: Kalyan around

Name of company/service: Coca Cola

Respected Sir…

Loot by Retailers…. we have been looted by the retailers in Kalyan city and neighboring areas like Ulhasnagar, Ambernath till Karjat and many more villages in and around Kalyan city..

All the retailers sell cold drinks brands owned by your company at a higher price than MRP. they charge over and above the MRP, as COOLING CHARGE. Other brands, I m dealing separately….

Its like they have made an union to do this with all our customers… Its not ACCEPTABLE AT ALL..

this is to bring to your kind notice..

1] If you are not aware of these kind of looting, then lets see what kind of steps you take to stop this…

2] If you are aware about this fact, then what are the steps you already have taken to stop this..

I make a kind request to you to stop this immediately…..

Awaiting your kind reply…

Rajendra Ramesh Jadhav
aggrieved customer..

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