Local furniture company false promises while sale, deliver incorrect furniture and do not provide service after problems in products

I am from Hyderabad. Went to Hitex furniture exhibition on 22 Jun 2019. On the same day, went to MAX Furnitures stall. There we liked a teak wood sofa 3 seater plus 2 one seaters design, but the measurements were small (5.5 ft length and 20 inch sitting breadth three seater). The sales persons Rajesh and Neer promised us to prepare customized teak wood sofa for us according to our required measurements. We liked the proposal and asked for 6.6 ft length and 24 inch sitting breadth 3 seater sofa. Sales persons Rajesh and Neer very promisingly agreed to our customization and also gave endorsement from Max furniture owner Masood to deliver the customize sofa within 15-20 days. We were happy with the promises so bought additional furniture from them a teak wood six seater dinning table and a center table. The total bill was Rs 70000 for all the products purchased. We paid Rs 5000 advance to them at the stall on the same day. Max furniture people told us they will send carpenters to our home for the accurate measurements and other specifications. We were happy with the customization promise provided. 4-5 days after 2 carpenters from Max furniture visited our home for measurements. We provided the same measurements we discussed at the time of buying. We have a copy of their measurement taken which was same as we decided. We went to their shop at Medhipatanam to pay the second installment of Rs 30000. We paid the amount and were waiting for our products. They promised 15-20 days but took 1 month to deliver all the products. Their owner was insisted us to pay remaining Rs 35000 at his shop in Medhipatanam before delivery of the products. After some hesitation we agreed to pay the amount before delivery. At the time of final payment he gave us written warranty of wood and foam for 5 years which is currently written on the receipt. After payment we received our products at home on the same day at night. At delivery we noticed several promises about customization were not fulfilled for the products. the 3 seater sofa was not customize to length 6.5 ft and kept the length same 5.5 feet. The colors of foam for dinning chairs were not the same as selected. We were not happy and communicated the same to the carpenter supervisor of Max furniture Mr Aamir. He promised us to deliver the decided length 6.5 length 3 seater sofa. This was a false promise which was never fulfilled as he and the shop owner Masood now do not pick our phone. Even if sometime if they pick their response was “tab bole to kya hua, hum ab nhi kar sakte. That was so painful for us. thhen there was next problem, where both the single seater sofas had cracks in the wood. We immediately communicated the issue to the shop owner Masood, the carpenter supervisor Aamir. They just gave us false promise to send someone which was still pending. We called them multiple times but nobody came. Now when I called the shop owner he denies the warranty on wood saying we did not gave warranty on wood. This was so horrible as he himself has written the 5 years warranty for wood and foam. The whole thing we experienced was horrible. Such a fraudulent company, false promises, not delivering correct measurement furniture and add on to that no service as promised on writing on the receipt. I want to take immediate action on this fraudsters. Kindly help me Consumer forum.

Shamsundar Jadhav

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