Loan not happened and processing fee amount not returned

Hello I am applied personal loan 200000lakh rs in canopus total Services ltd Ajmer.. I i called me on 26-4-18 for that day I send all my documents for their company website after that on 30-4-18 dey sent offer letter in that letter dey mentioned that I should pay 3000rs as verification fee if loan is not happened r cancelled amount will refund dey said.. after that i paid amount to though Neft to bank account ICICI bank Ajmer a/c no 018505005671 Utr no ibkl80502927228 after two three days dey called me on phone and verified my details on phone call only after that on 9-5-18 dey sent confirmation letter and dey said I should pay 8000rs processing fee and I did Neft on 11-4-2018 to their ICICI bank utr no ibkl180511097700 and i did signature on letter and return back I sent to them on 9-5-2018 after 15. To 20day dey sent me agreement which dey said that I should provide 500ts blank stamp paper with signature and two blank cheque and 500rs loan bond with notaryand 100rs grantee bond with notary I give did notary on 29-5-18 and send dem on 30-5-18 though Dtdc courier and after reaching dey are asking solvency certificate from which as Same as bank grantee I said dem I will provide den dey said we will try without solvency now 3months are but still not done anything and I said dem that I don’t need money I take from other bank please cancel my file and refund my money and documents which I provide in agreement time. But dey are saying if you want cancel loan den y u applied for loan and we will check if possible we will otherwise we can’t dey are saying and now dey are not ready to pick my I want my money back . kartik 9116182185 yashika 9116613173 ashta Varma 91166137172 and shorab sharam he call me for first time 1456632525

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