Loan Amount of Rs. 7 Lac become Rs. 20 LacWant justice. Loan AC No: TLP-SSW-1/ 1641854638



Dear Sir,

We have taken Term Loan of Rs. 7 Lac for 5 years in 2000 from Central Bank of India Fancy Bazar Branch Guwahati( Loan AC No: TLP-SSW-1(old) / 1641854638(new)). Branch Manager given us the Loan repayment EMI Breakup as Rs.16,700/- X 60 (month).We have to return Principal amount ( Rs. 7 Lac ) & Interest ( Rs. 3 Lac) by 2005.Total amount we have to return to bank is Rs.10 Lac by 2005.

We have returned Rs.10.38 Lac in 2008.we have taken 3 years extension to clear whole Loan Amount & for that 3 years extension we have paid another Rs.2.33 Lac . Till ‘0ctober 2010 we have paid Rs.12.33 Lac.We thought our loan amount is almost clear because we have paid the principle amount Rs.7 Lac & Interest amount Rs.5.33 Lac .

Now for that 3 years extension Branch Manager pressurize us to pay 7 Lac more, we do not no why.For that Rs.7 Lac false(which has been proved ) outstanding all the Branch Managers tortured us in various way, issued lots of threatening letter.At one point of time they have crossed all the limit – we were shocked , surprised & lodged a written complain on 29/11/2010 & specified that “if you do not rectify the false outstanding amount of Rs.7 lac, we will go for OMBUDSMEN.”

After 2 years i.e. on 05/05/2012 Branch Manager of Central Bank Fancy Bazar & ARM Mr.KONGOAH told us that they have scrutinized our loan accounts & found that ‘from 2001 to 2008 due to Banks fault (as per them it is system fault)Rs.5,72,762/- charged access’.we were shocked & surprised.It proves that Rs.7 Lac outstanding was false.

From 2003 we have suspected that bank has started cheating with us.
We have appealed & requested to all the Branch Managers from Mr.BIRAJ DAS (2001) to Mr.Dulal Bagchi (2011 ‘May) that there might be some thing wrong in our loan accounts you please check properly & make a correction. But all the time they used to reply that “our Accounts is Computerized accounts & it is perfectly alright, Computer can not do wrong, better you pay the outstanding amount of Rs. 7 lac otherwise you will be in problem”.

Surprisingly Bank has deducted that access amount of Rs.5,72,762/- with the outstanding of 2012 & gave us the statement upto May ‘2012.We strongly protested & given a objection letter to Central Bank Head Office Mumbai, RM Office GS Road Guwahati & Fancy Bazar Branch 0n 15/05/2012, specified that “I won’t accept the statement upto May ‘2012 .
Since 2008 is the dead line for repayment of whole Loan amount (principle with interest) for us & we have returned the same in 2008 as per our written commitment.Now you have to make a correction or have to deduct the amount of Rs.5,72,762/-(you have charged access ) from the outstanding of 2008.
As per Bank statement in 2008 our interest outstanding was Rs.7,08,000/-. After adjustment of Rs.5,72,762/- ( 7,08,000 – 5,72,762 = Rs.1,35,238/-) our outstanding upto 2008 was Rs.1,35,238/- but we have paid Rs.2,33,000/- after 2008 i.e. (Rs.2,33,000/- – Rs.1,35,238/- = Rs.97,762/-)” .

It is clear that as on 29/11/2010 we have paid Rs.97,762/- access to the Bank & Bank have to return that amount with interest to us.

We doubt that the delay part (from 2008 – 2012) bank has done intentionally just to extract more money from us illegally.

Note: WE want accurate statement after adjusting the access amount Bank has charged i.e. Rs.5,72,762/- from the outstanding of 2008 – but Bank is not giving .

Recently on 06/07/2012 I met with Regional Manager. Mr. K.M.Benerjee & wants to know the status of my complain, he replied that “If I pay Rs.1.40 Lac more, then only he will close my loan Accounts.

It proves that their intention is very bad & indirectly forced me to for Consumer forums.

With the above details it is clear that we do not have any outstanding as on date.

So I request you to take necessary step so that Bank Management can close my loan account & returned all the mortgage (worth of Rs.4 Crore) documents as early as possible.

Hence I am waiting for a positive reply from your side and try to solve my problem as early as possible as I am going through a tremendous financial and mental pressure.

Thanking you
Your Sincerely

Debasish Das

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