Lethargic Attitude of Mahindra- delay in gearbox replacement

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Mahindra & Mahindra

Dear folks,

I am extremely unhappy with the response of Mahindra & Mahindra towards my complain.

My gearbox which has been facing problem since 4 months inspite of being in the warranty, have not been resolved.

But since a month it has been heights of their slow process and carelessness.

After getting the gear box repaired with authorised dealer of Mahindra I left for Banglore from Ahmedabad with family and 2 dogs (total 6) ( I was assured that car is fit to travel long distance as gearbox was throughly checked)

After reaching south on the midway on a highway we encountered gearbox problem, car couldnt go in 5th gear. slowly driving in 4th gear we somehow reached mysore. And ever since then the car is there. my family is stuck in south waiting for the car to get repaired , so that we can all comeback in car with our dogs.

Since last 10 days my calls are not cleared answered, it was only after their call near 3rd dec 2012 saying that they are ready to fully ready to change the gearbox, and the car would get ready by tuesday 11/12/12. Its only after their call i booked my flight tickets to banglore. and yesterday on 10/12/12 i get a call from them saying the gearbox have not yet been received and they are unable to track it. Already a lot of expenditure i have incurred due to this inconvenice caused by lethargic attitude of Mahindra. A company like mahindra giving such a lame excuse like not able to track their gearbox consignment. Neither r they providing me the LR number so that i can track personally. I seriously doubt Mahindra’s efficiency now.

Loss of time, money and since a month my family is staying apart with this inconvenience.

Earlier i had no intentions to demand compensation, but after their yesterdays last minute response of saying unable to track their own consignment.It’s height now and i am in no condition to bear more expense, so i demand a compensation for alll the costs i have incurred and also urgent repairing of my car.

Below is the mail i had drafted earlier to inform about the problem on 19th Nov.

Dear Sir,
Hope you enjoyed your Diwali.
Mahindra Scorpio has been my dream car, the experience of travelling for business and social purposes has always been great. I have always suggested my friends and relatives to go for Mahindra Brand because it’s not just a car it’s a solution to celebrate life by touching various destinations.
But I am afraid I would anymore hold such a positive thought for Mahindra or spread a positive word of mouth due to the inconvenience that my family and I had to face. Below I have in detail described the matter, please go through it and take appropriate action.
1. Model: Mahindra Scorpio Hawk Bharat-III

2. Registration No: GJ-01-KA-1416

3. Dealer Name: Shital Motors Pvt Ltd (Ahmedabad)

4. Year of manufacture: APR-2009

5. Engine No: HA94C13332

6. Chassis No: MA1TA2HAN92D25830

7. Extended warranty from Shital Motors: From 25/04/2011 to 25/04/2013

Purpose of the mail: Extreme problem in gearbox since 4 months
Step by step the problems have been described below;
Point of Error I

• Car travelled with ease till 95,000km and encountered problem of automatic disengagement of 1st gear.

• It was serviced at authorized dealer Shital Motors in Ahmedabad.

• For further details about the dealer, please contact them.

Point of Error II

• The problem was fixed at Shital motors but car again encountered a problem after travelling 750 km amidst a highway and had to be toed 40 kms till Rajkot.

• Problem encountered was jamming of the gearbox in 5th gear

• In Rajkot authorized Mahindra dealer, ‘Marshal Motor Rajkot’- studied the problem by disassembling the gear box and hence concluded by changing the primary parts of the gear box like gears, bearing etc.

• Car servicing took 3 weeks due to unavailability of spare parts.

Point of Error III

• I had to go Rajkot and bring the car to Ahmedabad.

• To my great dismay within two days again a problem was encountered.

• The bearing of clutch cylinder failed and it was replaced by paying for it.

• At Shital Motors in Ahmedabad they completely checked the car specially gear box because of previous problem and approved that there would be no such severe problem in future.

Point of Error IV

• We started from Ahmedabad with 98051 kms and around 99,000 kms near Belgaum a problem in gear box was again occurred.

• Vehicle got stuck in 5th gear with loud noise.

• With great difficulty it was brought to neutral from 5th gear and then onwards it was never taken to 5th gear. Henceforth the car travelled till Hassan up till 4th gear.

• Me and my family travelled in great distress all along the way till Hassan.

Point of Error V

• In Hassan local authorized dealer named Karnataka Agency refused to service due to unavailability of spare parts.

Point of Error VI

• Later it was taken to India Garage in Mysore, where initially they refused to repair but on extreme request they agreed to do the repair.

• They started with disassembling and studied the problem and made a list of the parts they needed for repair. The list also contained the parts that weren’t with them.

• They accepted the vehicle for service only on a condition that if the warranty is not passed then I would have to pay for the spare parts.

For this they require minimum 2-3 weeks.


Point of Error VII

• 1st time the clutch cylinder was replaced by charging, later again it was replaced as being in warranty.

• At the time of gear box problem occurred in Rajkot, the clutch cylinder was changed.

• Just a suggestion if there is a minor problem in the clutch cylinder, why is it that they ask for complete clutch cylinder replacement which can be solved by replacing just an o-ring.

When I was a customer of Tata I was explained every minute details of what was done in servicing, but in Mahindra’s case the customer is not told what has been done and what is the actual problem that occurred.
If you are not able to find a solution for this which you have been doing till now and still continuing, I would want you to replace my existing gear box with a brand new gear box and take away mine to study the actual problem.
Replacing spare parts has been done and so again replacing with the same is not a solution. The only way out is fitting a brand new gear box.
If you are unable to zero down to any solution I demand a compensation for all the inconvenience me and my family I have faced till now.
If you respect your customer and believe in your so called brand, ‘MAHINDRA’, definitely reply.
Your’s sincerely,
Prashant Narsihaman

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