Lenovo is not serving as per warrany duration

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: Lenovo

I bought Lenovo G570 before 4 months, but currently facing a serius problem of hardware.
Sometimes the laptop is not detecting the harddrive, due to that it fails to boot and saying that “No cable connection, fails to network boot”. I reported the same to customare care lucknow, but they said this is the problem of operating system and gave me back by fixing it (After some physical saking the laptop connects with its harddrive, and boots). When I reached to my home, again the laptop failed to boot and was reporting the same error.
I tried to boot my laptop after 2 days then it booted successfully. And now again getting the same error since 2-3 days.
What I observed is we can’not predict when it will boot,when not.

I am visiting the lenovo service center every 15 days, but they are saying this is not hardware issue. Please let them agree upon replacement of the laptop.

Please take this as serious issue and help the needy.
Lenovo G570
Model 20079
SN CB11452031
PN 59306782
MO CB01101606

Ravindra Tiwari

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