Leakage/Seepage from terrace on top floor

Location/place: Jogeshwari(E),Mumbai

Name of company/service: Cooperative Housing Society Limited

I stay on the top floor in a Cooperative Hosuing Society & had given complaint twice in last 8 months to my housing society regarding the leakage/seepage of rain water from our terrace & side walls leading to damage to my house interiors.Inspite of complaint the society didn’t do anything due to paucity of funds which they had also displayed on the notice board.Finally,in my latest communication done to them in June’12 I told them that if they do not undertake the repair work prior to the onset of rains within 15 days then I will undertake it and recover the cost from the monthly maintanence in 3-4 equtaed instalments.They yet didn’t take cognisance of it,hence it became imperative for me to recover the expense incurred by me to repair the terrace & side walls & i started deducting the first instalment from my monthly maintanence bill by submitting them the photocopy of the total expense bill given to me by my contractors which is quite reasonable.Further, informing them that in next 4 months the complete amount will be recovered.To this effect the secretary has informed me by issuing a letter that I should pay the monthly maintanence bill & my complaint is raised as an agenda in the AGM which is to be conducted this month.
Kindly advise that was my action correct?If not,then what should be my course of action.

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