late deposit of cheque at clearing house

Location/place: ulhasnagar

Name of company/service: grievance againstidbi bank

We had deposited 3 cheques at Ulhasnagar branch of Rs.2.60 lacs(mrs.devika.hemant Bhatia,new FD), 1,00 lac(mrs.meenakshi.c.bhatia,custid3237733) and 0.42 lac(chunu.i.bhatia,custid3237739) simultenously on 17th April,2012 @ 1.00 pm for term deposits for the period 10 years @ 9.50%, The same were acknowledged by the branch. We are surprised to note that for Rs.2.60 lacs we are given value date effect of 19th April,2012 @ 9.50% and for the remaining two cheques value date effect is 20th April,2012 @9.00% . Due to change in rate of interest wef 20th April,2012 I am a looser by 50 base point . I am perturbed to note that how and why other two cheques have not been considered for the same rate. It seems that the branch has not sent the cheques for clearance at a time.We have done lot of correspondance with them,nodal officer,AGM customer care ms.usha gopalan,also sent mail to chairmancum managing director,but they are not replying now.

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