Laptop Repair

Location/place: jamnagar

Name of company/service: HP(hewlett packard)

1. I gave my laptop to authorised HP centre for repair but after some day i came to know that i have get it replaced my screen which will cost around Rs. 14000 or else i may get a hp satisfied glass i.e of cost around Rs. 6000, but i denied to get it repaired over here and i went to collect my laptop back.

2. there i checked all the things with my bills, i.e the serial no. of battery charger and all.

3. there i found that my laptop is having scratches and some general problems like panel is not fitted properly and while closing the screen it was repelling.

4. i complaint to the person, then he was denying and saying that it was earlier but it is not mentioned in bill.

5. Now i am fed up of making him understand, and i want to take some action against him, as i didn’t get my things repaired and simultaneously came over with another problem.

6. please kindly do the favour to me and also suggest me shall i collect my laptop from him or not

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