Laptop DVD drive connector missing post Service

Location/place: Vashi – Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Sony

Dear Sir,
In Dec 11, I took my Sony Vaio Laptop to Sony Service Centrre in Vashi([email protected]). The Laptop was not s/w on. They said MotherBoard needs to be changed. I got it changed (Job No. WS100602411122701222)for Rs 16029. The Laptop s/w on and I went home. In May 12 Kochi I noticed my DVD drive in Laptop is not working. I took my Laptop to Sony Centre Kochi ([email protected]). I was told some DVD Connector on MotherBoard is missing ! (Job No. J20215148). I said how can this happen ? They asked if I got my Laptop serviced elsewhere ? I said no, but in SonyService Vashi I had got my MotherBoard replaced and my DVD Drive is not working since then. They said the Problem appears to be that they forgot the Connector to be placed back in the MotherBoard. The Cost of connector is Rs 3500. Back in Mumbai my Laptop got another problem of Blurred LED Display in Half Screen. I took my Laptop to SonyCentre Vashi in Jun 12 (Job No. J20382744) and told them of my previous problem too. They refused to replace my DVD Connector. They said I should have checked my DVD Drive while collecting my Laptop last time. Finally they Charged me Rs. 21304 of which Rs 3500 was for DVD drive connector and the rest for LED display and service Charge. I wanted my Laptop operational and so finally I ended up paying Rs 3500 for DVD Connector which they had removed from my Laptop in Dec 11 when I got my Laptop Serviced from them.
I admit my fault that I didnt check my DVD drive while collecting my Laptop from them in Dec 11. But my complaint was of Laptop not switching on, and once it got s/w on, I presumed that every otherthing is ok. The fact remains that they forgot to put the DVD connector back on motherboard while replacing my Laptop’s motherboard in Dec 11. They refuse to admit their mistake. Do they want to tell that I got my Laptop opened and sold the connector to someone and now I’m claiming the connector from them ? How else can a connector go missing from inside my Laptop ? Is it logical that after spending Rs 37000 on my Laptop I sell my DVD connector worth Rs 3500 to someone and try to claim it from them ? Even otherwise I will rate the attitude of the staff (except Manager) in Sony Service Centre to be very rude. They behave as if they are Beurocrats !

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