Lack of service, misrepresentation of facts & wrong billing.

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd.


I applied for Tikona High speed internet connection on 3rd June 2012. My Tikona no. is 1106621971. I paid ₹1460. The plan was high speed plan of 4mbps speed at ₹799/month. ₹ 500 were charged for installation. The connection was installed on 6th June that too when I was not at home I was in the office. The engineer came home & installed device on my terrace & left the wires outside my door step & called me later to tell that the connection has been done. When I returned home I saw that the connection is not running properly & speed is very low. I Lodged a complaint in customer care as well. After 3 hra the connection stopped working & then the engineer was again called on 9th June he also fixed the device and again after 2-3 hra the connection stopped working. On calling Customer care on 9th June the executive told me that your area is not feasible & therefore the connection will be terminated & you money will be deducted after deductions. I called up various authorities but no one helped me with this also the people misbehaved with me & even abused me. although installation dept. accepted that they have made a mistake by giving connection in wrong area & also that the installation should have been done in my presence. When I again lodged a comp,aint for refund of money I recieved a call from Tikona Mumbai office & the lady on the phone told me that the connection will be terminated & you will not be charged any amount. But today on 17th June I received a bill of ₹1720 & on checking with customer care thay said that your connection will be terminated after 20th June 2012 & then only full & final settlement will be done. They also refused to give me the email id of tikona nodal officer.

The various fauds & wrong doings done are as follows:
1. I was misinterpretated that my area is a feasible area whereas it was non feasible.
2. Connection was done in my absence. Therfore I could not check the performance.
3. Billing is done wrongly whereas I was only able to use the connection for total of 6-7 hrs on two occaassions only that too at a low speed.
4.The authorities are not helping at all & I cannot reach anyone now. The customer care is not responding to emails on time & when they respond it is incomplete.
5.I have been billed wrongly & I am not getting my money back whereas this issue already is pending with the company.
6. I have few voice recordings which proves that connection was done in my absence & that my area is a non feasible area.
7. I have already suffered a lot of inconvenience & harrassment with hte hands of authorities & customer care & there has been no help from any one.
*. I have paid ₹1460 which I want back now as there was no service provided by them

My email ID is [email protected]
My mobile numbers are: 9971400226 & 9953999250
My address is : B 23, second floor Shivaji Vihar, Janta Colony, New Delhi 110027

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