Lack of Service Ethics & Denail of refunds

Location/place: Delhi, Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Y-Axis Solutions

My case starts back in February 2010 when I signed a contract with them for their Denmark Green card/ GR1 visa assistance program. First up they examined my file/application/merits to check if I was eligible for the process or not. And according to their assessment I got 105 points which was 5 points more than the required 100 points for the approval of the green card. Also I have gone through the Danish Green card scheme myself on the Danish embassy website and, and I self assessed my file and my points score came out to be 110 points. This was the first time I noticed that Y-axis assessment missed the 5 points I should have scored for my graduation from a recognized university (University in Top 400 Universities list). But when I asked them about those 5 points they told me that they missed out on them and they would include them in the final application.
In May 2010, I got my application file which they prepared for it to be applied. And once again they missed out on those 5 points for recognized university in the application. On my protest against it, they replied saying that as your total score is well above the required 100 points you can easily get the approval. And after several promising claims from them I filed the application on 1st June 2010. In the later half of the same month I got an update from Y-axis (and also checked it on the website of Danish Embassy, Delhi) that a rule changed and according to the new rule the 2 years Master degree from Indian Universities (with a few exceptions) are considered as equivalent to 4 years Bachelor Degree according to Danish standards and thus 2 years Masters degree from India are eligible to score only 50 points and not 60 points as were being awarded earlier.
On 21th September 2010, I got a refusal letter for my application stating that I didn’t got the approval as my total score was 95 points (as they deducted those 10 points of my Master’s Degree). But I could have still got the approval if Y-Axis would have claimed those 5 bonus points in my application.
When I told my process consultant (Alex Andrews) about the refusal, he was reluctant and adamant to accept his mistake but offered me support in the process of preparing an Appeal letter against the refusal. My appeal letter was prepared by Shantanu as he works in the department which “specializes” in preparing those appeal letters. Shockingly the first draft of the appeal letter which I got from Shantanu has once again those 5 bonus points missing. In the meanwhile, I downloaded an illustration from the website of Danish Embassy, Delhi which clearly shows how a Masters Degree graduate can get those 100 points if he has got any of his degrees from a recognized university (Among Top 400 Univ.).
Shantanu then told me something that I haven’t heard before that. He said that you can only claim points for just one of your degrees (Master or Bachelors) and not the other one. But when I showed him the illustration which I downloaded then he asked me to make changes to the appeal letter he prepared and send it to him for review. I sent him my draft of the appeal letter which he finally wrote in a proper language and sent me the final draft. The final appeal letter had three situations/cases supporting my appeal out of which two were suggested by Y-axis consultant (Shantanu) and third one (about 5 bonus points) was suggested by me. I filed the final appeal letter on 20th October 2010.
After I filed my appeal, Y-axis consultants didn’t seemed interested in any kind of follow-ups for it and have told me to call Denmark and follow up myself with the embassy. I expected such a thing from Y-axis and did all the follow ups on my own.
On 16th August 2011, I got the refusal letter from Danish Immigration Dept for my appeal. They now have awarded me those 5 bonus points for my graduation university but they deducted 10 points as they considered my 3 years Bachelors degree as equivalent to 2 years Danish Bachelors Degree and my 2 years Masters degree as equivalent to 1 year Danish Masters Degree and therefore they would not award me 10 points for 3 years of study in the field of IT (one of the topics in Danish positive list). But I rightfully got 5 bonus points for my Bachelors degree which I got from a university falling in the list of Top 400 Universities.
Now when I sent the refusal letter to Y-axis I also asked them for the refund of the total amount of Rs. 45,000/- as because of their negligence, ignorance and reluctance I got the refusal. I wrote to him that he should start processing my refund but instead he replied back that I should not have been awarded those 5 bonus points according to them and they would only refund 25% of the amount as they do in the case of normal refusal. I then wrote him several mails stating my point but he and the Refunds team then escalated my case to Sai Sathyaki, Head of Client Relationship Team. After my case got escalated I just got one email from Sai stating that Sandeep Ratnam from same team is responsible for my case but then I didn’t got any further emails from her or Sandeep. It was me who was kept constantly calling them and keep sending them emails about the update and if they have understood my point or not but they kept ignoring me and gave several excuses. I submitted all supporting documents and explained my case to each one of them several times but they kept giving excuses and tried several times to negate my supporting statements.
My last interaction with Ms. Sai was the worst as she tried to prove that she is the Head of Client Relationship department. She was not ready to hear any of my points and neither of my requests. She was reluctant on her point that she would only approve 25% refund and I can complaint to any consumer forum or courts if I wish to. I have never heard any service provider saying such words while the customer is still ready to discuss the case. So as no one in Y-axis is ready to listen and as they suggested to go to court if I wanted any refund I want to file a complaint against them. I have emails received from their consultants which can prove their ignorance and lack of knowledge and rudeness.

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