Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED

Dt. 18.07.2012
Dear Sir,
With reference to my data card no. 9891533240, I would like to draw your kind attention to the below points –
1. I purchase a data 3G data card from IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED ON 05.07.2012.
2. I got the data card service activated on 06.07.2012 with a commitment from Idea Cellular Ltd. for provision of unlimited 7.3 Mbps (6 GB) plan with a minimal speed of 128 Kbps beyond 6 GB for a monthly rental of Rs.950.
3. Although 12 days have elapsed, till date I’ve not been able to get a satisfactory & workable service connectivity despite of my rigorous daily requests, complaints & follow-ups with the customer care & Idea team (technical, networking & service deptt. etc. etc.).
4. For first 8 days, I kept on requesting to the customer care on daily basis for resolving the said issue enabling me a smooth service. But they didn’t even bother to provide me a complaint reference no.
5. Then they promise me to forward my complaint to the concerned deptt for further action & said that the technical team will get in touch with me. But all in vein, no one from the technical team contacted me to redress the issue in first 8 days & they went on giving me lame telephonic excuses.
6. Some Customer Care & Idea company staff also advised me to get the Net Setter unlocked at the market place & to put other service provider’s SIM card for a smooth & hassle free net surfing, which I feel is a quite strange customer dealing.
7. When the problem persisted for more than a week, I called their customer care again on 14.07.2012 & talked to Mr. Som Kishan (Customer Care Executive), narrated the issue & said that if the issue will not get resolved by that day evening (Saturday) before the closing hour, I’ll forward a service cancellation request to the concerned deptt. & will not pay any monthly rental due to denial of service to me by Idea. He was very confused & not sure of whether Idea will be able to resolve the problem or not, didn’t make any commitment & even didn’t provide me any time frame for redressal. After a long deliberation, he forwarded the call to Mr. Uday (Floor Supervisor), who after listening to the entire story provided me a complaint reference no. 112432209 on 14.07.2012 & committed me to forward my complaint to the technical team & told me that someone from the technical team will visit my premises to resolve the issue by that evening or latest by 16.07.2012 (Monday) due to intervening Sunday. I told him that, I’m not going to pay any rental, charge etc to Idea towards the entire period of non-service. Because no service provider can force a customer to pay charges for services that they’ve failed to render due to their incompetency leading to unnecessary customer harassment. Mr. Uday promised me to forward my grievance / complaint to the concerned deptt. with a recommendation to waive off charges for such period.
8. On 14.07.2012, in the afternoon, I received a call from Mr. Sunil (Technical Field Staff – Vodafone), who said that he can’t visit my premises for next three days as his visit plan is over-burdened. After long deliberations he put me on teleconference with Mr. Sahil (Networking Engineer), who was so unprofessional in his talk that instead of patiently listening to the persistent technical problem he started shouting, talking in raw language & told that he’ll not listen to the “STORY” & no commitment shall be made for establishing the net connectivity. After long conversations, he advised Mr. Sunil to visit my premises by that day late evening.
9. Mr. Sunil visited on 14.07.2012 at 7 : 40 PM, checked the Net Setter instrument & it’s poor connectivity, said that there is no problem from our end & it’s from the company side. I asked him about assurance of proper resultant solution & the probable time frame for the same. Very unprofessionally he just said, “ Kuchh keh nahin sakte. Yeh theek hob hi sakta hai aur nahin bhi. Time ka koi assurance / koi guarantee nahin hai. Mera kam hai report company mein dena baas“. I said, “What do you mean by Kuch Kehe Nahin Sakta”. And he just left my home without giving any satisfactory reply to me.
10. On 16.07.2012 (Monday) afternoon, I received a call from Idea saying that they’ve received a field analysis report of “Weak Indoor Signal Problem” & they can’t do anything for it. I conveyed what Mr. Sunil had told me in contradiction. The person on the other end was quite confused & told me that he’ll recheck the submitted report, talk to the visiting field staff for proper feedback & revert with the solution shortly. But he didn’t turn up till 18.07.2012 (today till moment).
11. I called Mr. Sunil to clear their internal confusion due to lack of proper internal co-ordination. He started shouting in raw language & said “Problem solve karna mera kaam nehin hai. Maine report company mein submit kardiya hai. Aab agay company mein baat karlo. Maine wohi report diya jo mujhe samajh aya baas”.
12. Now this is height of the entire problem. After such a long harassing period of persistent complaints & follow-ups, no solution has been received at my end. As a result, being a totally dissatisfied, harassed & annoyed customer, I found the services of Idea to be very incompetent, unprofessional, very inconvenient, highly annoying filled with false promises to trap customers & forget about service their after. So, this morning (on 18.07.2012), I finally called the Idea Customer Care & talked to Ms. Shivangi (Floor Manager) in details & requested her for cancellation of the said data card service with immediate effect without any further persuasion for retention of customer.
13. My Idea Data Card Service Request Reference No. is 112510726.
I want to bring your kind notice the above mentioned fact and deficiency in service of Idea Care.

Yours Sincerely,
Anand Kumar Sahoo
E Mail- [email protected]

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