Location/place: west bengal

Name of company/service: KREATION GURU

I saw KREATIONS GURU’s ad posted on 4th february 2011 on ( and applied for the job the next day. The company was looking for freelance writers who would be working part-time from home. Soon after, i got appointed and started working from 18th february 2011. But before joining, to be precise, before mailing my details to them for appointment, i asked the owner of the company (Mr. Satyaki Roy), that i would be taking a leave for 2 months for the month of May and June,will that be okay for them? He answered that there will be no issues. And said that they will pay on 15th of next month for the work done in the previous month. So, all was going well.

But unable to manage my studies as well as writing 5 to 7 articles per day, i decided to write a leave letter on 12th march,2011 asking for leave from 16th march till 30th june,due to my examinations and that i will re-join on 1st of july,. After receving my mail Mr Roy called me up on the same day and said that wont be a problem and that he will grant me the leave. Again on March 13th afternoon he called me saying that he will be clearing my salary for the month of february, however he will be paying me for the month of march only when i re-join. But there were no such conditions in all his previous mails, that they withhold payments when the employee takes a long leave. (I HAVE ALL HIS MAILS WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE ANY SUCH STATEMENTS INDICATING HIS NEWLY FOUND RULE).

So, i mailed them again in the evening mentioning that they never told me this condition/rule before, so i must be paid by 15th april for the days i worked in march. They called me up after a few hours. I missed their call. After a few minutes i called back, and Mrs Swagata Roy, asked me what was the problem, i explained, and i said i already had asked Mr. Roy about taking a long leave before submitting my documents and joining. She said that it was for 2 months, and now you are asking for more than 3 months. Then again she said, even if it was for 2 months, they would be holding back my payment untill i re-join. I asked my aunt to talk with Mrs. Roy, but Mrs Roy very arrogantly hang up the phone. An agitated me, called Mrs Roy for the third time and i said i wont be able to work with these type of persons.

After that, on 15th my mother messaged Mr. Roy, that to clear my payment. Even though, he paid me for the month of february, but he has taken the pledge of not paying me for the month of March (AMOUNT= Rs 1080) and i mailed them several times to clear my dues by April, but they refused simply, and for the past few days, they are not even responding to my emails..

All this indicates that KREATION GURU is into swindling money from their employees unlawfully, at least this happened with me. If the company was a loyal one and not a scam, it would have definitely agreed to pay, because it cant deny the efforts that i have put in to write articles for it. And they would have acknowledged my efforts. No organisation/company/institution can withhold an employee’s salary based on whims of the owner. I am not saying this, this is the rule. This is what the law says.

I am attaching a few relevant emails as proof.

BEWARE OF FRAUD COMPANIES LIKE KREATION GURU. Avoid working for such online companies, especially KREATION GURU.

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