Justdial a fraud company not stopping deducting my ECS amount even after my contract is over

My self Ravi Soni, I purchased JUSTDIAL.COM Indore city marketing plan for 6 months in dec-2017.

My business is :

They started sending fake / bogus lead messages / email to me which hardly got converted… many leads were wrong where even lead says they didn’t enquired for services on

I got frustrated by such time wasting SMS /Email flood and wanted to end the contract just after 1 month of usage, but because it was a contract signed by me..their team forced me keep it running for 6 months.

And guess what could be the most horrible thing is here ? Even after 6 months completed they are not stoping deducting ECS from my account, I requested my HDFC banker to stop honoring the ECS request from JUSTDIAL and they said they are unable to cancel it because you have given them rights for debit from your accounts.

The person who sold me this garbage marketing plan (name Santosh Mourya : 9993192809) is not receiving the call anymore and sometimes he message me that he asked justdial to stop the ECS.

I came here to ask for help if someone is capable of guiding me in the right direction.

I want to spread this message as large as possible because their are many complains regarding justdial fraud behaviour , I never thought a company who has AMITABH BACCHAN as their brand ambassador can do such bad things to me.

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