I have sent this notice by Registered post on 3rd November 2018 and am awaiting reply from Josy Mathew. He has duped many others in Bangalore and have many cases some criminal registered against him.
Mr. Josy Mathew
S/o George Mathew
Thekkumkattil (H)
P.O. Moonnilavu
Dist. Kottayam

Sub: Cancellation of Lease Deed (Certificate No. IN-KA69189405401956Q dated 10.01.2018) executed on 10.01.2018 between the undersigned and you being Proprietor for The Perfect Inch Interiors, Bangalore.

This notice is being served on you for breach of terms & conditions of the aforesaid Lease Deed dated 10.01.2018:

As per Clause 7.10, I being the Lessor have paid an advance of Rs. 1,65,200(Rs. One lakh sixty five thousand two hundred) only, inclusive of taxes for carrying out wood work, fixtures and fittings in my Flat No. 14064 (2 BHK Optima), situated at Tata New Haven, Neelamangala, Bangalore. However, you have never come to my Flat to undertake the jobs, as mentioned in the Lease Deed.

As per Clause 7.11, You being the Lessee had also violated the fundamental terms of the Lease Deed by not adjusting the rent amount from March-18 to till date i.e. Oct. 18 @ Rs.16,000/- per month for 8 months, which comes to Rs. 1,28,000/-.

Hence you are liable to pay interest @ 8% p.a. on both the amounts as follows:`

On advance amount of Rs. 1,65,200/-
On rent accrued for the period from Mar.18-Oct.18 ,8 months i.e. Rs. 1,28,000/-

It appears that your intention was to dupe me and grab the amount since the very inception i.e. the date of execution of Lease Deed 10.01.2018, with the sole intention to cheat me.

In view of the above facts and circumstances mentioned as above, the said Lease Deed is forthwith cancelled and you are to return back the amount as mentioned above, within 10 days on receipt of this notice, failing which I shall be constrained to take legal action against you.

T Ravi Shankar,
Address: Flat No. A-503,Sarita Sangam Society
Opp. Kinnara Garden Restaurant,Kasarwadi,

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