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This is about my bitter experiences that I had [continue to have] with the Interior company \”The Perfect Inch\” run by proprietor \”Josy Mathew\” – who had cheated me to the tune of 8.74 Lacs – no work done over 6 months and is not returning the money as well, in turn he is now threatening and alleging to file false complaints on me!!

He is now busy spinning of another scam called “” wherein he assures rental income for 5 years!!

Now to my complaint [story],
I had approached for interiors with many organizations. During my short listing phase, I went to SmaartHomes at electronic city and met Josy Mathew there. He represented himself as the interior design partner of this organization and all interiors activities are owned by him. I had then engaged with him only for the 3D designs for a fee of 30,000 on Jul 9th 2017, this was supposed to be completed by Jul 27th. I had received few designs by then but not the complete set, which was being delayed. Josy then mentioned that he is under severe pressure from his \’top management\’ to get into a contract mode else his job will be at stake for doing designs only. I thought of helping a person at this stage and agreed to go ahead with \”The Perfect Inch\” for an end to end contract worth 19.87 Lacs. The amount was later negotiated to a final 12 L. As per the policy, Josy wanted 10% booking and 40% within 10 days of booking – which I had paid expecting a speedy completion of the project. By August 31st I had paid a sum of 8.21 Lacs for the interiors and another 1.08 Lacs towards false ceiling and electrical works, total amounting to 9.29 Lacs.

when demanded for the receipts and a firm contract, he kept assuring but never did until now. I was travelling on official duty then and had to rely on electronic communications alone, I was assured time and again that the interiors will be complete and I could occupy the house from OCt 23rd 2017. Upon my return and to my dismay – there was no work that was done other than few electrical wiring and damages all around the house. I wanted to inquire upon the situation with Josy Mathew, but as expected he never showed up at site, nor answered any of my calls and even went to the extent of blocking my numbers.

upon visiting \’smaarthomes\’ office, came to know that he has done this with other customers as well and is not a part of the organization any more. they insisted that i file a police complaint for cheating.

Now I was sure that, I\’ve been taken for a ride and wanted to settle this. After a continuous effort of follow up, he finally agreed to return the paid money and cancel the contract. He had issued a cheque for 8.74 deducting the charges for Nov 1st. As again expected this cheque had bounced twice for reasons of insufficient funds. When trying enquiring about the refund status, to my surprise and shock, he in turn is threatening on life and alleging to file false complaints on me for asking my rightfully due money.

I\’m proceeding now with a legal action on him, have filed a legal notice on josy mathew and the perfect Inch for cheating and fraudulent activities towards the unaware housing fraternity.

Now gaining confidence that he can cheat many more and over a long term, he has now started the \’assured rental scheme + interiors\’ called ‘’ at many apartments that are nearing completion. some of them are below,

1. Prestige Ferns Residency
2. Nikko Homes Bhartiya City
3. Sobha Dream Acres
4. DLF Meridian Heights and
5. Brigade Orchards.
this is to alert the general public to \’stay out\’ of troube and keep thier hard earned money safe.

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