Dear Sir, Madam,

Earlier around 9 th September 2019 I was called for an interview with Samsung at Makwana Building in Andhefi West went I went there I realised that it was a clinic running recruitment for Banks and private companies

Then based on the number given I called Mr Ayush
+917027289022 Name on True Caller Raj Hr Samsung he said presently there are vacancies in back office of banks would you be interested I said yes.

Later in the day the lady asked me to pay Rs 2500/- for a telephonic interview if successful the amount is refunded in first salary if no then they will return the money. Also they told me they would place me in HDFC for 24000 rupees

I was not sure about the said place and so returned back home.

Later on 18.09.2019 as I was in need of a job I called the same person.

He said the same I noticed that at the same place there were many such children coming for interview and had to pay money to get an interview. Further I decided to pay this time and the fees that they asked me to pay is 1800/- which I paid.
They conducted a telephonic interview with a lady she was not from any bank. She asked me if I only wanted HDFC or any bank was alright.
I said any bank for 24000 salary is ok
Then the lady asked few basic questions like tell me about yourself strengths weakness family members etc. Later she said please wait and then came back to say is am selected but did not confirm the name of the bank and said I was to visit tulsi manas hindi high school for training which include training cost of 800 earlier paid in 1800/- also they said I can join from Monday but with out even giving a companies name or number how can one go to a bank I thought.
And I did not go for the training as timing of the same was 4 to7 at 3rd Floor Tulsi Manas Hindi School
They operate under the name “SELECTIAL”
THEIR EMAIL ID IS [email protected]
Further they also operate [email protected]
The Service Dispursal No as given to me was
K(JPR) 728.

I hope that my complaint will help you to nab the perpetrater and also help my fellow jobseekers from staying away from such fraudsters

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