Job permit visa fraud

my personal information and education certificate scan and passport scan with passport size photographs was taken by a fraud group who told me that they will provide Job in USA at millennium hotel new york city. now i am afraid they will misuse my information and personal documents for criminal activates against me or against anyone or against any things, my name is LIJO GEORGE from Bangalore and my contact number is 9242909031, personally i checked about the job in USA with the help of friend they found it is cheating and hotel management said to them there is not job vacancy in the millennium hotel……

I want to give the information of the fraud nexus or group and their contact details… email they used to contact me is 1. [email protected]
2. [email protected] 3. [email protected]
His Name Kelvin Morgan Phone No 918446934531 4. Email ID [email protected]
bank details he told me to put money for visa and registration fees (NAME Gunjan Arun Kumar
ACC/No 914010051961157 Pan No dnwpk5394b Axis Bank) and the abroad contact number i got call is from +13155570782

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