Job issue

Location/place: Nallasopara (E)

Name of company/service: Pandayan sevenseas Manpower Recruitment services

I had applied for a job on the 5th of April 2012 through Pandayan Seven-seas recruitment service they promised a job would be provided in 90-100 working days, as informed by them i have given my medical test which cost me Rs.6095/-, after collecting the reports they asked me to submit the Amt of Rs.20995/- i have paid this amt. they have provided me the payment slip as well, the estimated given time which was 90-100 days has exceeded and at several instances when i visit them at their head office branch in Vashi, they give any fake reasons that my documents are not clear, whereas i had applied for Passport at the same time which has already arrived, and they are asking me to wait until i recieve a call and the people at Head office say that until and unless you are selected by any company you would not get a Job… they have also informed me that we can give you a refund of the Amt but the refund is just Rs.16000 out of which the deduction for office charges, government taxes 12.5% would be applied. i have made a payment of Rs.27000/- hoping that i would be working in a good place if they are refunding my money just Rs.16000/- then i am at loss i haven’t earned anything nor do i have a job neither they are giving my money back, if they are providing me a job i am satisfied with that if not i need my money back. all this was only possible for me after borrowing the money from someone, whom i have promised that i will be paying him back. i have been patient with this situation until now, they haven’t properly replied to me.

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