Job fraud

I Saw job ad of Go Air on Quicker its direct joining no interview.
I send my resume and few pics to email id.
One person call me and confirm my selection and ask me for payment of Rs 200 towards courier fess for joining letter.
I pay rs 200 in Union Bank of India Ac 728202010000081 in the name of ROSHAN WANKEDE
I made payment of Rs 200 in his account, after few days i received joining letter of sine aviation and sine aviation t-shirt.
Then he ask me for my id prof, address prof, mark sheet on mail and further rs 1650 for dress in his same bank a/c
I made payment of rs 1650 in his bank a/c.
After few days he ask me for Id card and gate pass fess rs 1000 in same a/c
I made payment of rs 1000 in his same a/c.
Now he ask me for training fess rs 3500, but now I refuse him to pay any more amount and I ask him for my refund but he dont want to refund my amount and he use abusing words and told me do what ever you want to do.
He told me that first I return his joining letter then he will return my money but i dont have any trust on him.

Please sir help me to get my money.

Link of job ad. on quicker –

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