Jet Airways

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Jet Airways

I travelled from Mumbai to Kuwait on 1 December 2012
I had received an email special offer from Jet airways for an online
upgrade to business class which I accepted as I had excess baggage (more than 30 kgs) which I thought will not be accommodated on economy class.

On upgrade I noticed that there was no mention of the baggage allowance on my ticket.

So to clarify my doubt and to be on the safer side, I called the customer service line and spoke to Mr. Harshal and he confirmed to me that against my PNR no of HVXDCP I have a baggage allowance of 40 kgs.
At the check in counter I got the rude shock and was told that I was
to unload some weight off my baggage.

The lady also went on to tell me
that I was the one at fault for assuming that I had additional baggage
allowance wherein I had clearly told her that your own executive had
informed me about the 40kgs allowance.

These offers are a hoax and you lure your customers into these fraud
tactics of earning more money and cheat us.
Nowhere in the offer mail
had it stated that there are special conditions applied on an online upgrade.

How can an airline just assume that the clients know all the terms and

I hope people are aware of these hidden rules and are not trapped by these airlines by their offers and lose their money.

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