Jaro Education fake degree and money

I think it was my bad luck that I joined Jaro,thei sales guy at the start told me that I would be gtting Job assistance from start which never happened untill now and I had to remind them always ,besides lectures quality and contens are so poort that evn TOM DICK and Harry can read and pass ,besides my quereis were never listened propoerly,I recently gave interview for US company and some indian companies they dont even recognize this institute and Jaro claims to be internationally recognized.besides my immediate company iteself doesnt recognize this and have asked me to re do MBA.

I have asked them to refund money and all they are saying is that they cant because its written,cmon if you are not working properly and providing services properly you have to either refund money or give me certificate.I must say I have saved myself for not giving exams ecause for that too they chanre some ruppees besides almost taking entire hard earned money from students

need my money back or whatever I have paid I need a degree something has to be there to compensate the loss

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