Issues with Personal Loan

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: ICICI Bank, Personal Loan

This is regarding Personal Loan Account LPDEL00003832698 with ICICI, taken in 2005 in Delhi. I had later moved to Mumbai and wanted my bank details to be changed. I tried to coordinate with local branch for this and did not get any support. My bank account was later closed and EMIs stopped going out.In 2008, ICICI’s debt collection team had asked me to make a payment of Rs 60000, for settlement for above mentioned loan account, stating that my outstanding was Rs.. 79000.I made the said payment through Cheque number 522796, receipt number L01088023041, value date 15th March, 2008.I did not receive any letter from you confirming the settlement and the fact that the loan has been closed. After this I did not receive any correspondence regarding this, till November 2011. When I was again asked to pay Rs 70000 to close this loan account. The bank has been chasing me since then for the said amount. In 2007-8, I was corresponding with Manish Singh, debt manager, who had advised that the loan account would be closed and settled if I paid the Rs 60000. I again tried to contact Mr Manish Singh in November, he advised he would look into the issue. After this he stopped receiving my calls and responding to my messages. Request your intervention to resolve this issue at the earliest to stop the harassment of receiving calls from debt collectors on a daily basis

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