Irresponsible Medical Store

Location/place: Santa Cruz and Khar

Name of company/service: Noble Medical – Pharmacy

I called this day and night store at 7.30am and requested for two tablets urgently required to be delivered at my residence due to an emergency. First I called the Santa Cruz location who wasted 5-10 mins of my time making me speak to two or three people giving my requirements. Then one of them told me to contact the Khar West store saying that it will be delivered faster since it is closer. I called them up and they said that they do not have the required medicine. So I called the Santa Cruz store once again and they made me speak to two or three people giving the details of the requirement again and ultimately one of them said that I dont have a delivery boy and he will come to the shop only by 11am. If he had told me that the first time I asked for a home delivery it would have saved me 20-30 mins of my time which is very important in an emergency where every second matters. Is this the kind of responsibility to be shown by a mdedico, especially if it is an emergency? How are such people given licenses to operate? What is their recuritment policy? Such a casual approach to such important situations is disgusting.

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