Irresponsible, cheating Customer Care of Beam Internet

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Beam Internet


my name is anil i am using the beam intenet from past 3-4 months, i am facing lot of issues regarding the speed, consistency in connectivity etc.

i registered many complaints to the customer care executives that i am unable to get the internet from 29-mar-2013 to 10-Apr-2013,
i used to call them at least 10 times per day, but they didn’t get into the issue.
every time they are saying that ‘our technical person will reach you within short time’ but no one is there to handle the problem.
they passed the days like that either with out resolving the issue or forwarding the call to their higher team . They used to keep the call on hold for hours together when i used to ask to connect their lead, after that call will be disconnected.

like this the above time went and at last on 10-apr-2013 they came up with some temporary solution and made the internet up.
again from 17-Apr-2013 on wards the same issue is repeating, this time the box used to connect to 4-6 people has removed in my area.

i got irritated and asked to disconnect the connection, i also passed 4- days and no body came mine to collect their cable.

when i call them they are saying that our person will come and collect them but no body came up to now, every time they are rising new tickets and closing them without confirming me whether the issue is resolve or not.the ticket numbers are 8135206,8199285, 8213892, 8085273 etc

this i show the beam internet organization is playing with the customers with out any common sense.

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