Irresponsible and Insensitive IGL

Location/place: New Delhi,Dwarka

Name of company/service: IGL(Indraprastha Gas Limited)

Dear All,
I would like to mention that people sitting at IGL service center( Phone number – 64620429)are utmost insensitive people. My complaint number is ONM2012254043(for re-installation of my IGL meter) which was given to me on 1st of June,2012 and was assured that this will be addressed shortly. Since then it has been a nightmare for me and my wife who has made numerous calls, morning-afternoon-evening,to customer care and at 64620429.For first few days we were assured of prompt service which will be provided to us tomorrow but that ‘tomorrow’ never arrived.After that we were told that there is shortage of copper pipes due to which it will take another 7days.Yesterday(14/6/12) when i called up at 64620429 they told that issue of copper pipe is over and they asked me to call today(15/6/12) morning at 10am so that somebody can attend to our when we called up we were told by Mr.Rahul that our complaint will be attended to by today evening or by tomorrow morning(knowing this fact that tomorrow being a sat nobody will attend to our complaint)and when i made him realize the sever impact of non installation of Gas on me and my family he told me to hold on and then nobody came on the phone. when again my wife called up she was make to speak with “Mr.Rajeev” and when she explained the mental agony and pressure we are going through and also apprised him of consumer rights,”Mr.Rajeev” told that now you do whatever you like and your work will not be done before next 7days.This kind of response from a supposedly supervisor shows the culture of the organization which are treating their customers like animals. Do any body in the IGL organization is professional enough to sort this out once and for all and not for us but for all the customers who are going through this mental torture.

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