Invalid Balance Deduction

Balance deducted from my account, an unknown service is activated without my notice and it got renewed on 26th Nov 2018 automatically.

after calling customer care, they are not giving proper response, on first call person said currently their system is down and he will call back next day, but no one called back, so I called second this time person was very rude and he is putting Docomo’s problem on my head, that deduction will not be refunded. Third time another person said he will connect to his supervisor, my call was on hold more than 30 minutes and no supervisor talked to me.

And all these customer care calls are charged again, so I lost some 40 Rs in calling customer care and plus that invalid deduction of 35 Rs.

So this total of some 75 Rs, due to Docomo’s force fed activation without my concern, not sure Docomo will refund.

And this issue is not first time, many of others also face this and why Docomo activates pack for free and automatically they renew it after 30, 60 days and that time it will be charged. why you are force feeding us with unwanted activation.

Currently I have unlimited plan, after this if Tata Docomo not refunds, then I surely look for changing service provider.

My number is 9886961107

Simply Docomo cannot send automatic renewed messages and deduct balance as and when they want!

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