Location/place: MUMBAI

Name of company/service: TIKONA

Tikona Digital Networks Private Limited.
3rd Floor, corpora, LBS Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai – 400 078.

Ref : Request no. 1-2363670352 dated 23.06.2012 for service ID 1102950051

Sir / Madam,

I had called up the helpdesk @ 1800-20-94276 around 29th December 2011 for surrendering the services of Tikona as I was totally unsatisfied by the services. The person rudely refused to give his name or designation. On me REQUESTING AND INSISTING on getting a request no. or a complain no. for the surrendering the Tikona connection that person at @1800-20-94276 refused and resisted to give me the complain no. as he said the systems were working very slow he could not generate a request no. but assured me that the request is taken on record and will be processed within 7 working days, and a representative will come to take the router given by you and we would receive an e-mail for the confirmation of the request.

As usual we did not receive any emails but we did not even use the services after a week because we assumed the services being discontinued as we DID NOT RECEIVE ANY BILL OR COMMUNICATION OR SMS AFTER THAT.

On 19.05.2012 were shocked to receive a demand notice were it was specifically written that we had used the services only till 08.01.2012 but had to pay till date i.e Rs. 2957 (UNUSED PERIOD). On calling up Tikona I was again reassured that the notice was just computer generated and we need not worry as the request in December was processed.

On 23.06.2012 I got a TREATENING CALL from a person name Mr. Gupta posing as an advocate on behalf of Tikona residing at Delhi and having filed a case at some court and IF I DID NOT MAKE AN IMMEDIATE PAYMENT OF RS. 2700 WE WOULD BE ARRESTED BY MUMBAI POLICE AND FORCED TO ATTEND THE CASE AT DELHI.

I am also an Advocate and I fail to understand how one can file a case at Delhi when the Subscriber Registration form (SRF) is signed at Mumbai?

I tried to call up @ 1800-20-94276 and 022-33998888 (You can confirm the same from the voice recording on 23.06.2012 between 1.00pm and 3.00 pm) again as I was not getting through any other no. the person refused to give me any details as he wanted me to call up tikona from my registered mobile number and he hung up the phone just replying “CALL UP FROM THE MOBILE TO GET YOUR QUERY SOLVED”. Due to this MISBEHAVIOR AND TREATENING CALL FROM YOUR SO POSING ADVOCATE we were forced to pay Rs. 2700 immediately WITHOUT BEING GIVEN A CHANCE TO BE HEARD.

On 13.07.2012 we again got a call from Tikona asking us to provide a correct email address as the same quoted in your system is not correct. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT WAS TIKONA DOING TILL DATE AND IF YOU CAN CHECK THE SRF THE MAIL ID GIVEN IS [email protected] is very much active BUT THIS IS AGAIN A MISTAKE FROM YOUR END IN FEEDING A WRONG EMAIL ID. HENCE THIS PROVES THAT I HAD NOT RECEIVED ANY EMAILS FOR ANY OUTSTANDING AND HENCE YOU HAVE GROSSLY FAILED.

Looking at the above facts you are requested to kindly refund us Rs. 2700 which was taken COERCIVELY from us, under the guise of FRAUD ADVOCATE at some Delhi Court where the Jurisdiction does not lie.

I am sending a copy of this letter to consumer court as I would like to go ahead with a filing a case against SUCH GOON RECOVERY METABOLISM OF TIKONA


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