Internet Banking issue

Location/place: Nagpur

Name of company/service: KloudData Inc.


I have my Salary Account in the Axis Bank, I have enabled my Internet Banking, it worked for me only 15 days but one day when i did change my password and after that it has stopped working, I am not able to login in to internet banking, I have raised customer support ticket for the same since one month back, they gave me Unique Reference ID – 3702847, and commited me that they will resolve this issue within three working days, but it was not resolved after that I tried to call on their Toll free numbers but no response they only ackowladge my issue and ask me to wait for 3 working days,I sent several emails on the email ids with the brief discription of issue, provided by accounts department of my office.
Now I am tired and frustreted,suffering from lot of issues every time while transfering the funds and making online transections.
Internet Banking issue is still persist.

Request you to please look into this and get it resolve.


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