Intercom facility activation

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel

We have recently shifted to Bangalore. Our building has a very active society and we were informed that Airtel was the most popular brand here and thus we got their fixed line as well as broadband connection. we were told that the intercom facility comes free along with all.But this was my worst experience with a telecom company.those who opt for private companies over govt…BEWARE. Airtel …..this is the truth behind ‘satyameva jayate’ music
I got my std activation after 7 days
Broadband after 8 days
and am still struggling with Intercom activation.
talking to customer service is more harrassing than anything …because every call reaches them after 6-7 mints of wait and dialling various combinations again and again.
Nobody has informed the correct procedure clearly and i have been misguided 5 times already. And service requests are a farce.if it is open…it can remain so for 15 days..with no action being taken; or it closed without information! currently My fixed line no is 080-41124138…But I hope to shift to BSNL for a better service.

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