Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: ROYAL SUNDARAM

This is with respect to my car no: DL7CF9073, purchased from Prime Honda ( kaushmabi) and get the honda assured Zero depreciation policy.

My car has been hitted on right hand side and mirror was stolen in August 2011. When i visited Honda service centre in Vaishali, they asked me that surveyor ( Mr Kapil Sharma) will come and i have to pay the bill first and then it will be reimbursed from Royal Sundaram ( Insurance company). I have paid the bill of Rs 29335 as per bill attached . I have been informed that it has been approved by surveyor and hence you will get 100% refund back as i am having zero depreciation policy.

After submitting all required documents and continuous follow up fro 4-5 months, they have agreed to send me my claim. But it was shocking to get a cheque of around Rs 5000. They said that surveyor only approved mirror cost and not dent on right hand side and there will be depreciation on mirror.

However when i went Honda service centre ( prime honda), they said the surveyor has approved it and thats why we have done this work and you should get 100% of the bill amount as you have zero depreciation policy. Even the internal remote of mirror was not working .

I dont know who is misleading me. Its been almost and year for me to follow up and chasing one or another person. Please help to resolve the same.

If it was cashless, i would not be chasing anyone, is it a penalty for me to pay as customer 100% upfront as suggested.

If its zero depreciation policy i should get 100% of my bill without any deduction, and if your surveyor ( MR Kapil Sharma) has approved it why i will nto get claim now.

Please settle it urgently.

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