I am a prime member and a regular customer of Amazon. Unfortunately, I happen to buy MI tv from Amazon, the product has been delivered and I scheduled installation service for 13th October, 2018 between 10.30 to 12.30. In the past, I always desisted from buying any big equipment from Amazon as I had heard the horror stories from the customers regarding the installation havoc by Amazon. But I do not know what went into my head and I purchased tv from Amazon, and from the date it was delivered till the day of installation, I was continuously getting reminders to be at home to attend installation appointment. Details of one technician called Christopher along with his photograph were mailed to me but the guy did not turn up. I tried calling him, the call was never answered and when answered the person behaved as if he has heard word “Amazon” for the first time. At 11 am I called up Amazon customer service and a very pleasant voice asked me to wait till 12 pm and when I called up again at 12.30 I spoke with one executive who again asked me to wait for another 24 hours, stressed by his reply I asked him to connect me to the senior person. With great difficulty the guy connected me to team leader Rahul. I narrated the entire episode to him again and he promised to resolve it in next 6 hours but result was zero. I connected again around 10 pm and a female called Divya told me that madam there is some technical issue and all the customers who bought this MI tv are facing the same issue but I shall try to resolve your query by Sunday morning. When nothing happened on Sunday, harassed by Amazon behavior I once again called your customer service, one Rohith picked up and put me on hold for 14 minutes. I disconnected the call. Again called up and one reasonable female listened to me patiently, promised to take some action and after that I got a call from MI tv centre, who asked me has your television delivered ? I told him installation is pending. He told me that he will get back to me in half an hour. No response came. Today morning I got the message that your TV has been installed please give feedback. I got so disturbed I called up your customer service and one very sophisticated executive Karan listened to me entire episode and promised to do the needful. Result I got a mail again from Amazon that by EOD today it will be installed and I do not what EOD means for Amazon as nothing has happened and in between today again I got two calls from Amazon asking HAS MY TV SET DELIVERED.

I am really harassed by AMAZON BEHAVIOR and the FALSE PROMISES.. I do not know how to handle this situation. my advice to everyone whoso ever is reading this not to buy anything from AMAZON which requires Installation.

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