Installation issu and missing part

I have ordered IFB washing machine on amazon during 5 days sale from 10 to 15 of October 2018 and machine received on 19th October 2018 afterwards the company engineer came to install and found that the few parts of machine is in the box and told us that you have to replace that machine.
Then i tried to replace and talked to thier customer executive, they said that your address is deactivated (the same address on which machine delivered) and we cannot send their new machine either you have to return that machine and get your money returned or you give me the details of your card from which i have made payment for buying machine then i said that details are confidential and I can’t provide you. Then their person said that I cannot help without those details so phone hanged up.

Then i mailed amazon at [email protected] but in mail too they asked for the same details that even RBI don’t ask.

Afterward they said that you just buy that buy and install it they bear the cost of missing part and then i said okay you just send company engineer to install i would buy the missing part.

Since then like 24-25th of October they didn’t sent engineer and even dont reply properly but continuing saying that we regret and sorry for your inconvenience and we would escalate the matter but machine not got installed yet.

In between they send me another machine on my other address on which I don’t want and i didn’t ordered even that have to be returned.

Order ID 404-1674363-7596314

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