Inflation of Electricity Bill

Location/place: 3?1 Bediadanga 1st Lane, Kolkata

Name of company/service: CESC Limited

Consumar No : 02094038156.
CESC limited

CESC in my case,and in many other cases as well, has provided only one end of the meter reading in monthly elec. bill. In May’12(bill) only the opening reading is available &billing amount arbitary for 120 units. In June’12 (bill)only closing reading is available and billing for 778 units.CESC is breaking this two months consumptions disproportionately to gain the slab pricing advantage. For an even or near even break up (120+ 778)/2 my bill woul have been Rs.225 to 275 less.
I would request the forum to advise CESC that in absence of complete detail of meter reading they must split 2 months consumption equally and bill accordingly. The excess amount thus paid to be refunded.

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