Inflated charges

Location/place: Aligarh/u.p/india

Name of company/service: mascot motors/fiat

Dear Sir/ Madam

This is to bring to your notice that i had given my car Fiat punto DI emotion UP 81AE 7271 that suffered accident on 12th of june 2012 the service adviser and service supervisor had given me the date time and approximate charges at the time in the job card no.253 the scanned copy of which is attached at that time i had made repeated requests to them to plz mention approximate charges so that the insurance company does not object afterwards . They gave me an estimate of 15000 to 20000rupees. Now after a delay of one month they are ready for delivery they say that i have to pay an amount of 30000 rupees over and above the charges the insurance company is paying they now say that the total charges are around 70000 rupees.
I don’t know what happened in these two months what your dealership has done that the cost of repair has gone more than three times .the damaged fog lamp has still not been replaced .I don’t think and agree that these are genuine charges, but Inflated bill Amount and the laxity is in active connivance of your dealership and management . Kindly resolve the matter amicably or i will be forced to take appropriate legal remedies through all means consumer, civil or any other deemed fit by my lawyers

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