Infibeam is Protecting their supplier, i need justice.

Location/place: India

Name of company/service:

I purchased 3 sunglasses of Numero Uno.( Ordered ID 8760769 , 8750120, 8750048 ) I was informed by e-mail that all the products sold on Infibeam are genuine and come with a guarantee.

But after little use, both the sunglasses got ugly. Actually instead of paint it had paper on it, which has came out after few days use.

Both the sunglasses were of the worst quality. As it has paper on it. It came out due to sweating.

Anyhow, I wrote an e-mail to Infibeam, but there was no reply, then I called Infibeam. I was told that they will take action & asked me to send pictures of the product, I did so. Then I wrote review many times at Infibeam web-site, but the review was not displayed.

After calling again & again. I got a call from Mr Sailesh the team leader. I complained him that my true reviews were not displayed & no action was taken. He tried to explain me the policy of the company that only +ve reviews would be displayed. I want to know then what does review mean?

Anyhow, my whole efforts time & money got wasted. I warn the public that at infibeam, don’t expect quality assurance. Regarding the review of sunglasses I would say:-

The frame of the sunglasses has paper on it, instead of paint. How a Rs. 2750 can have this?
How Numero Uno can do such a big mistake?
I wrote a review (-ve review), why it was never published.
Why Eleganza is written on the box?
Seems price is inflated.
These seems to be cheap chinse sunglasses , which I have come to know after using these sunglasses, why infibeam is not taking any action against the supplier? Why is he still allowed to sell this D-grade product.
In one of the E-mail I was assured by infibeam that all products sold are genuine & comes with a warranty. From where to avail this warranty?
How come the life of a sunglasses can be so short?
1 st I got broken sunglass then broken case, how this can happen with a quality product?

Avoid infibeam, as per Mr. Sailesh they are with u for 30 days, after that read good things about product or sit silently. Instead of infibeam I would recommend Tradus, flipkart, homeshop18, as they display both +ve & -ve reviews. Review means both +ve & -ve, infibeam dealing is unfair.

Thanks, Saurabh Pahwa, [email protected]

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