Inferior Quality seed Supplied from Krishibhavan

Location/place: Palakkad

Name of company/service: Krishi Bhavan

I am cultivating 3 acres of paddy in OOrapadam Padasekara samithy coming under Polpully Krishy Bhavan in Polpully Panchayath , Polpully village , Chiitur Thaluk , Palakkad District.
I purchased 150 kg of PADDY Seed (Jyothi Matta) from Krishy Bhavan through PADASEKHARA Samithy. I sowed the seed 20 days back. But no spurting so far because of inferior quality seed supplied from Krishy Bhavan. Thereby I was loosing huge amount of money for preparation of Land , cost of seed and Labour charges . Also I am going to loose this crop altogether because time run out for sowing the seed.
Sir, I want this case put into your notice because Your kind office will take necessary action in this issue so that farmers will not be given with inferior seeds through Krishy Bhavans. Also Take necessary steps to assure quality of seeds supplied to farmers. Your office may advice the official to visit my Field and may propose necessary compensation for the lose.
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