Inefficiency by Beam telecom

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Beam Telecom

Dear Sir, I have taken a beam telecom wireless internet in the last month of May 2012. The cheque got cleared from my bank but the router & connection was not given in the promised 3 days after which i had to lodge a complaint following which finally the connection was given. Since the time i have taken the connection almost every week there is a signal issue & i am unable to connect to the internet. Each time i gave a complaint explaining the problem a technician was sent & i got a temporary solution. I kept telling the concerned people that when they rectify the issue the internet works temporarily after which the net is not connected to any of the devices. I am sick & tired of the attitude of the said people & want a permanent solution for my problem as being connected to the internet is very crucial for my work.
Deepika S
Beam account No: 366955
Last ticket No Generated: 5391568

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