Indifferent Behaviour for replacing a defective Piece

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Reliance Digital ECIL X Road


I have bought a Micromax Funbook P300 on 7th July at Reliance Digital ECIL X road,

I bought the device at evening 6 or so..the device was opened in front of me and was explained properly the only thing is that they did not check the charger and the usb cables of the device at the showroom after i brought the device home it had good 60% battery and i was using it till 9 or 10 in the night when it said the battery is dying that’s when i plugged in the charger and tried to charge the device and to my shock the charger was not working i tried all the plug points at home…then i used the USB cable and connected it to the laptop it did detect the device and it also started working it got charged to 100% after which i unplugged the device and started using it again thinking that the charger is the one which has gone bad but to my astonishment the device turned off completely after i used it for 15min….then every time i plug in the device using the USB cable it turns on and after i unplug the device the usb cable it comepletely dies on me….I took it to the Reliance digital showroom and to my shock they say they will not replace the device and they dint have a service center contact with them and gave me very very cold replies….then i came to this site and got the contact of


G-11,Diamand towers land mark Taj tristar hotel,S.D.Road city Secunderabad.
Andhra Pradesh 500003

Mobile No:
Phone No: 040-27845365, 40020952

the nearest to my house and went there and gave the device
Product ID:-2300D4724497B18
The Jobsheet No which they gave me is SALAP007R748

I called Micromax Customer care and they told me that if the device is found to be defective within 7 days of purchase it should be replaced by the showroom and they asked me to go the Reliance Digital showroom and call them which i did and they explained the issue to reliance digital store ppl.

To My shock reliance ppl spoke to their vendor and say only if the vendor is ready to replace the device that’s when they will give me a new one. This is so ridiculous micromax has confirmed that it is a defective piece and wanted reliance to replace it but still they are not replacing it which is very very annoying.
After spending 6500 i get this kind of service please help me on this i am planning to sue Reliance Digital about this.

Please help!!!!!!!!!

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