Indiatimes Shopping refund my money

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: IndiaTimes Shopping

I usually purchase loads of things from different e-commerce sites and this time I had tried Indiatimes shopping which i regret . One of the worst mistakes I ever made was purchasing something from Indiatimes shopping.

Since Indiatimes often posts ad’s saying unbelievable discounts and all , I also fell as a prey to it. In a hurry I ordered Zync Z1000 tablet from Indiatimes on 19th feb. I received the product on 27th Feb. But unfortunately there was a problem with the tablet , the display was not working .

I immediately contacted the Zync customer care , they made me do this and that which didnt work hence finally I had to submit the tablet in the service centre on 4th March . They promised me to repair/replace the tablet within 10 working days . But NO , I started calling them like a MAD fellow everyday but no use they simply ignore you .

After more than a month , I got fed up with their response and then I contacted Indiatimes regarding the same . And they spoke so nice that they made me believe that they are going to resolve my problem immediately.I had even put the Operations Head in CC . After I poured my complete problem they asked me to get the DOA from Service center and they will immediately cancel my order and refund the money . But the ZYNC was not ready to provide me with the DOA even though I was eligible to get it. After much persuasion and pressure they finally provided me with the DOA . I immediately sent the same to Indiatimes and the Operations Head changed the status of my complaint to escalated , seeing which I believed that my issue was going to be resolved very soon . But all in vain . Even after he said he is taking personal care of my issue and escalated it , the issue is going no where .

I called up the customer care after a week of submitting the DOA and the answer I got is that they have asked the service center to send them the product back to them and it is with the courier now and it would take 5 days for them to get the product.

But ,after a week all of a sudden I got a call from the local service center that they have recieved the tablet. I immediately called up the Indiatimes customer care asking what is happening at all .The customer care executive then tells me that they have not arranged for a reverse pick up until now at all. And he asks me to be patient for some more time and it would take around 5-7 days again …..

It has been 2 months by now after paying around 10k and what have I got ? Nothing except me calling Zync and Indiatimes number of times , a headache to be followed up everyday . And now even the Operations Head doesnt repsond. And there is no further escalation matrix with Indiatimes . Im stuck in middle of nothing as I paid the money to them and cannot do anything now other than sitting patiently .

I want Indiatimes to look into my issue and refund my amount Immediately.

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