Indiapost registered airmail not delivered even after 50 days

Hi Team,

My college has sent my MS Degree Transcripts to World Educational Services Canada on 25th Feb 2019 and it has been delivered to them till now. When I checked the latest status in the INDIAPOST website, It is showing the status as “Item Insert into Bag” and it was updated on 28th Feb.I have contacted INDIAPOST Helpdesk several times and they were saying like this is the latest status and they are not aware of where the post currently is and also They have asked me to check with CANADAPOST on this.But when checked with CANADAPOST on this, they said that it is an international inbound post and they dont have any control over it and they are not aware of the current status as well.

Registered Airmail Post number : RR878891077IN

Complaint Number : 10009189284

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